Who are we and what is our purpose?


Brands strive for a mission. But you don't achieve a mission alone. Together we can make the difference. That is what we believe in. In our work, we inspire and connect people to make this difference together. We help ambitious people and brands to achieve their goals. 

Through strategic and creative thinking, we create thoughtful content that touches people. In a personal and caring way, we make professional films and photos. We use our personal and specialist approach in our collaborations. Collaborations we cherish.

We believe in inspiring and connecting people to make a difference together.


Why do our clients work with us?


Strong combination

The films and pictures we create have a clear purpose. That is why we talk about "strategy & creativity". Once the strategy is clear, we come up with creative solutions.



Just as our clients make a difference with their mission, we want to make a difference for them. We do this by using our expertise professionally. We ensure that everything is arranged down to the last detail.


Personal & flexible

We enter into partnerships to achieve the desired result together. This is expressed in strategic thinking, personal relationships and flexibility.


The sky is the limit

We want to win. We are progressive and look for solutions. We also take it to the next level with our drone. As a certified and insured drone pilot, we are the reliable choice.

Nice to meet you! We are De Digitale Etalage.

Driven specialists with a personal approach.

De Digitale Etalage

Jochem Vogel

(Audio)visual designer

De Digitale Etalage

Stijn Langedijk

Strategic marketeer


Momentarily, we do not have any full-time positions available. But we like to meet new people with a passion for strategy and/or creation. If you are this talent, you can always email us at info@dde.nl.

Let's meet!

We are curious about your story, your goals and we would like to work together to achieve these goals.